Most programs teach and sell, “Everyone who joins get rich and become wealthy. Our USP (unique selling proposition) and message is totally from a different angle. We suggest that everyone is already “wealthy” and therefore no money on earth can set them free. Freedom is something you decide to demonstrate PRIOR to “buying” anything or doing. Success is being, not a doing Carnegie, Reagan and Einstein were rich LONG before money found them

We are a living and breathing old fashioned BEN FRANKLIN and Napoleon Hill old school mind revival in the form of a MASTER-MIND. Spend a month with us INSIDE of our club. It’s no-charge the first SEVEN DAYS. If, in anyway, we have misrepresented this stunning display of MIND over Matter process—–leave. Simple as that… No promises. . .other than you will be UN-ABLE to remain after four weeks, as you entered. You will change.

Change Your Mind…


Change Your Income…

Change Your Life….

Change The World….


The Ben Franklin System of Renewal and Influence

  1. The discipline of reflection is the discipline of renewal through self-examination.
  2. Franklin taught that to study your worst possible self would reveal your most highest potential.
  3. That environment preceded change and therefore to change your life you altered your “space.”
  4. Franklin created the JUNTO as a “space” whereby others could rehearse their absolute best.
  5.  You create a NEW MIND in order for new thoughts and new life to find its way towards you.- “environment” preceded change and therefore to change your life you altered your “space.”
  6. Franklin taught “mental progress” and collected like minds to share pure thought un-ridiculed.
  7. Franklin reminded his club members that everyone is self-made. Not just Millionaires
  8. What wrote, “Poor Richards Almanac.” a self-study course on life. An American treasure.
  9. Franklin fiercely believed that without a club or Master-Mind you could not maintain any change.

The minds ineffectiveness is constantly being endorsed by society.

That’s because all around you are people telling you, “won’t work, that’s silly, stay the same,that didn’t work for Uncle Harry, so it won’t work for you, knock it off and go back to buyinglottery tickets, you aren’t smart enough to create something bigger for yourself.” To combatthis distortion of realty, Franklin created an atmosphere for people to re-train their minds.

Old School BEN FRANKLIN “Inner Circle” Master-Mind Club

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