Protégé Program

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Looking to find more meaning in your life in 2015?

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My objective as a Coach is to assist my clients to raise their level of consciousness/awareness. This then will result in transformation. Transformation is primarily experiential, not informational.God initiates transformation through real, everyday life experiences Effective coaching flows out of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity Each person is a uniquely designed individual whom God has entrusted with a stewardship over his or her own life Authentic relationships are foundational to leadership growth and abundant living.Effective Leadership Training” is the key to personal and professional success.

This 12 month program is for those who want to sharpen their skills as an effective leader. Whether you are the head of a company, a department, or the front desk, you are influencing those around you. We teach you the art in gaining trust from colleague or client, how to develop satisfying and rewarding relationships, and how to cultivate an environment that empowers the people you lead to reach their full potential. Participants must have a willingness to develop their own Self Mastery and have a desire to lead with excellence.The information taught is critical for anyone who desires outstanding interpersonal skills. It equips people to use in-depth questioning that motivates people to find their own answers and solutions to personal and organizational challenges. We teach the Socratic approach to problem solving and address listening skills, open-ended questions and turning visions into reality. This is NOT for the casual student, this is ONLY for the person who is serious and 100% committed to take their life and or business to the next level.

If you are SERIOUS about success in your Life in 2015 Contact me TODAY… Expect Excellence!


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