I meet people all the time that ask me about DESTINY.  Such questions as “When did GOD CALL YOU into the ministry?”  I define being in full-time ministry as the time when an individual is “100% immersed” in the utilization of one’s gifting in a context that leverages that gifting for its highest and best outcome, impacting the lives of other people.  Notice that this definition does not refer to church culture as its context, nor does it presuppose leaving one’s secular career to pursue the “ministry.”  It is a definition that effectively disconnects the whole “secular vs. spiritual” conflict clouding the thinking of many Christians gifted for ministry in the marketplace.

All that I know is that I gave my whole LIFE OVER TO JESUS.  From that moment, I began to share with others about the LOVE THAT JESUS FREELY GAVE ME.  I have never sought a STAGE, A PLATFORM OR A POSITION.  Instead I seek God because I want to KNOW HIM BETTER.  I desire to be CLOSER TO HIM and I ask Him continually to make me someone who is a DISCIPLE/TEACHER AND A LOVER OF PEOPLE.  Life is not about some GRAND DESTINATION, life is about our journey.  Each person we meet along life’s journey are VALUABLE TO GOD!  Today, remember that WHO YOU MEET AND WHO YOUR PATH CROSSES is not an accident.  Use every opportunity you have to SPEAK ENCOURAGING WORDS to others.  Always leave people with an impression of INCREASE.  We want them to leave FEELING LIKE A MILLION BUCKS because of the love that was shown to them because of the Risen Christ in You.

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