Where Do Doubts Come From?

Dealing with doubtDoes everybody have the same doubts? If you take anything that you want to achieve, how come some people don’t have any doubt that they can achieve that and other people have doubts that they can achieve it?

If you think about how a computer works, we have the hardware, we have the operating system in the computer, and then we have the software. If you think about how the human works, we have the hardware called our body, we have the operating system called the brain, and then we have the software or the beliefs/expectations and habits. If you have the beliefs that you have the confidence, certainty, and know how to do something, then you have little or no doubt. If you have the knowledge, confidence, certainty, and skills, then you have little or no fear to move forward. What we’re dealing with is a neurological situation where if we learn how to alter our beliefs/expectations and habits and raise our level of confidence and certainty, then we’re going to reduce the lack of confidence and certainty and the amount of fear and doubts that we have for achieving what it is that we want in our lives.

In the physical world we have to do the right things in the right order to achieve a predictable result. It’s not enough to think about it or feel it. You actually do have to do something. One of the things about the Law of Attraction is the last six letters are “ACTION.”  Not just any type of action because there are a lot of people doing busy stuff. They’re busy, but they’re not effective because they’re not doing the right things or they’re not doing the right things in the right order. If we want to have alignment between our conscious and our subconscious, our conscious chooses, but our subconscious is what delivers. All of our beliefs, habits, and values are at the subconscious level. The formula is to alter the beliefs, and the beliefs are nothing more than the software of the brain.

The value of a Coach or Catalyst in your development. . . Working with a coach you will alter beliefs by using affirmations the right way in the right brainwave frequency called alpha. You do visualization techniques to accelerate the process. Then you alter your behavior by determining what behaviors you must act upon and then creating a process, system, environment, and accountability around taking new actions so that you are achieving new results by doing different things in a specific way forming a connection between the conscious and subconscious.
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