What Story Are You Stuck In?

Many have asked me what do you mean” become a better you”? Quite simply the YOU the creator of the universe created! In our society today it seems we are always trying to be  and do like the latest fad . Always copying what is in and making sure we do not fall out of grace with our friends and society. In the presence of REAL friends  however you can be mad, confused, and vulnerable with no worries of being judged unfairly. You can also ask for things you would never ask of anyone else and have an expectation that they will do everything they can to make it happen. They won’t think of you as moody or selfish because they know your heart. Real friends have seen you high, low, and everywhere in between… and choose to be around you anyway!

For several years after leaving the military I was in a personal struggle with direction and purpose. There was a conflict in me that I couldn’t explain or seem to make go away. My thoughts all surrounded the theme, “I am NOT Good enough!”  Sometimes, we are working really hard to keep our problems and don’t even realize it. There are many possibilities for why, but basically the situations, dramas, self-limitations and even illnesses  serve us in some way.  There’s a payoff.  You ask how is that John”? They may give us “legitimate” excuses for letting ourselves off the hook for other  things. “I can’t do that because I’m not qualified.” “I can’t even think about anything else until this crisis is over.” Or, they may validate subconscious limiting beliefs. “That’s just the way it is for me.” Whatever the case, the story is a never-ending loop that keeps us stuck, chasing our tails instead of finding solutions In speaking with my coach  during this challenging time in my life, he shared with me something he felt like God wanted me to know. He spoke for a bit about some very encouraging and insightful things that really built my faith because he couldn’t have known them outside of God’s intervention. That was great, but the part that made it matter today is what I want to share with you, in hopes that it will spur you on in the same way it has me.

After sharing a lengthy bit of knowledge he said, “…God said, YOU are GOOD Enough for Him…”

He had no idea what I was thinking about or wrestling with, only what he heard. However, in that moment, my life changed. The life I want (we don’t have enough room or time for me to go through it all) is ridiculously huge. I mean to the point of absurdity… and I love it!! Every bit of it is in my DNA! Since I turned my efforts toward the true desires of my heart I realized that it was God Himself who put them there! Therefore, each and every move toward them is in alignment with His will and set in motion for His purposes! I couldn’t possibly think up some of the stuff that I burn for. Most of my life was spent in fear of things 1/10th the size of things I long for now. Not just one thing…ALL OF IT!!! Call me what you want (and some of you will), but if the God that created everything wants to blow my mind, I’m in!  Some of these things pose immense challenges and hard work, probable rejection from some people, and an enormous risk of failure by human standards. After all, there’s no way I can do them on my own. Not even one of them! And I want it all to happen anyway! (I’m going to wear out my exclamation (!) key)

Here’s the thing… what I want may not excite you in the least. You shouldn’t want my stuff anyway. Want what’s on your heart. You may not like me, but God does. He gets how extreme and over-the-top I am. He gets that I want seemingly unattainable things and I want them all at the same time! He totally gets me when I tell Him, “It’s never been done this way before and everyone says it has to be the old way, but I don’t want it that way. Let’s do it a new way!. You are Good Enough for Him” This six-word revelation has stoked my fire to a brand new height. I really can’t find more words to explain it and that’s saying something! Better than even my closest friends, God  says the John he created is Good enough!… and He says the YOU he created is also. Open your heart, you won’t surprise Him. Allow the desires of your heart to pour out and He’ll show you what to do. And like those best friends, but much better, He will always be there to see you through.

Become a Better you,



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