The PICTURE of YOU (Thanks Coach Larry)

All of our actions, feelings, behavior – even our abilities – are always consistent with the PICTURE you have of YOU. I have shared this message now for almost 15 years to audiences large and small; around the globe. The biggest resistance I receive is from the VERY RELIGIOUS people of the world. Self-esteem—or the respect you FEEL for yourself—is difficult to cultivate if you beat yourself up over your failings in life.  Total Unconditional Acceptance (TUA) enables you to protect the emotional feeling-tone that you have toward yourself. Hence it becomes very important to change your self-image if that image is one of a limiting character of some sort. Many believers  because of past programming are perfectionists in their pursuit of God. This inhibits His plan for their lives and ministries and never realize that the highest levels of  of living the calling God has on their life cannot be attained until the relationship they have with themselves is one of TUA. God’s love is not based on performance. Hence, the self-critical person judges himself or herself right out of the flow of God’s love. They end up FEELING defeated and down and live with a Scarcity Mindset


You can change your self-image with the power of thought using affirmations. We all carry with us a picture of ourselves. It has been built up from our own beliefs about ourselves. But most of these beliefs about ourselves have unconsciously been formed from our past experience, our successes and failures, our humiliations, our triumphs, and the way other people have related to us, especially in early childhood. From all these we mentally construct a “self” (or a picture of us). Once an idea or a belief about ourselves goes into this picture it becomes “true” as far as we personally are concerned. We do not question its validity, but proceed to act upon it just as if it were true.The way that you judge others is the way you will judge yourself. The measure that you give is the measure that you get. Sound familiar? So while many Christians are living out all of these judgmental criteria, tearing down and rejecting them and others, they are closing themselves off from access to the very love of God that they need, and they are limiting the ability of God’s love to flow through them to others.  This is what my coach called the DOUBLE TROUBLE from the Evil ONE.


I encourage you today to begin LOVING YOURSELF and Say out loud how amazing and beautiful you are, after all you my friend are Made in the likeness and Image of the MASTER!
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