Targeting Excellence Kingdom Coaching Program

A Kingdom Culture is a culture where  we show honor and treat each other like scripture says and working together in a way that expresses who Christ is. A person lives based on what they value and what they consider more important. Jesus made this clear in Matthew 6:21“Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” What a person values or treasures sets the direction for his or her heart and life. Targeting Excellence Kingdom Coaching Program teaches about the things highly important to the Lord, such as how we treat God, how we treat people and how we live life.  In creating this 6 month program I have focused on certain relational attitudes  and values for living in order to create a Kingdom Culture.. These attitudes and values are lived out by leaders and flavor the ministries’ activities and life. I define being in full-time ministry as the time when an individual is “100% immersed” in the utilization of one’s gifting in a context that leverages that gifting for its highest and best outcome, impacting the lives of other people. Notice that this definition does not refer to church culture as its context, nor does it presuppose leaving one’s secular career to pursue the “ministry.” It is a definition that effectively disconnects the whole “secular vs. spiritual” conflict clouding the thinking of many Christians gifted for ministry in the marketplace.By developing a ministry where leaders set the example in living the values and the “atmosphere” reflects them, in that ministry a culture grows that:TargetingExcellence-Creating a KingdomCultureInJesus1

  1. Is attractive to non-believers.
  2. Reflects and illustrates what the Bible teaches, so that newer believers more quickly “get the picture” of what the Christian life is about.
  3. Is pleasing to the Lord for it honors in practical ways the things that honor Christ.

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