Targeting Excellence is not your run of the mill RELIGIOUS Teaching…

Targeting Excellence is not your run of the mill RELIGIOUS Teaching. We are committed to developing business leaders and entrepreneurs of faith, whose companies flourish independent of economic fluctuations and instabilities. We challenge our clients with the four stages of mastery Our objective is to become the premier Personal and Spiritual Enhancement company empowering people to achieve their business, personal and professional goals through leadership training, entrepreneurship and personal and executive coaching. Our goal is to provide not only a solution that creates economic empowerment through the establishment of entrepreneurial businesses, but to also restore self-esteem and a sense of hope and dignity to all of its participants. I believe that entrepreneurship is a calling from God and our Success Mastery course is an instrument in the hand of God to help train leaders worldwide that will make His plan for this earth a reality.

I have been working on building a kingdom culture in order to sustain the present move of God. A culture that positions itself for future advancements. It is this approach that enables and empowers people to invade society instead of waiting for them to come to us. It is using a combination that gives you a predictable result and a predictable transformation. Anybody can do it, They just must be prepared to make some shifts and do things a little bit differently than they’ve done before. We apply the word of God and quantum physics in a way you must likely have not experienced before. This will enable your brain and the mind to work together to Impact not only your TODAY , but also generations to come Tomorrow.

In the last twenty years I have had to honor and pleasure of being mentored by some of the most dynamic people in both the personal development and spiritual realms. I discovered that when you combine the TRUE understanding of how they compliment each other to produce Transformation. We have always had proof from the Word of God that there is a correlation between what occurs in the Spirit and the natural physical world. However, in recent years quantum physics has pierced the veil of the scientific world, providing evidence to confirm what the Bible has already documented. When you implement this powerful combination in the way it was designed you truly BE-Come the person God created you to be.

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