Targeting Excellence…Going Into A New Dimension

Targeting Excellence is not your run of the mill RELIGIOUS Teaching.  We are a company moving at God speed into a NEW Dimension.  Our Destiny offerings, teaches our clients that God indeed is profit minded (“I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit…” Isaiah 48:17) and has much to say about sound business practices to be upheld by godly men and women of integrity and excellence.  In the midst of this world’s business climate of uncertainty, we are committed to developing business leaders and entrepreneurs of faith, whose companies flourish independent of economic fluctuations and instabilities.

We challenge our clients with the four stages of mastery.  Our objective is to become the premier Personal and Spiritual Enhancement company empowering people to achieve their business, personal and professional goals through leadership training, entrepreneurship and personal and executive coaching.  Our goal is to provide not only a solution that creates economic empowerment through the establishment of entrepreneurial businesses, but to also restore self-esteem and a sense of hope and dignity to all of its participants.  We believe that entrepreneurship is a calling from God and our Success Mastery course is an instrument in the hand of God to help train leaders worldwide that will make His plan for this earth a reality. . . Expect Excellence!

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