Surface IDEA?


Clear and exact thinking is  a great necessity for INCREASE . It is, in fact, a sure means to advancement of life in the physical as well as on the spiritual plane. A line of distinction, however, should be drawn between mere surface thought,that is, ordinary, trivial and commonplace thinking, and REAL thought, which is associated with the understanding of Truth.  I often share with my audiences and clients it is NOT the IDEA or Thought, it is the Depth of  the IDEA. The latter is deep thinking which arouses spiritual power within, quickens the perceptions, and leads to the enlargement of the understanding. The former is but a passing phase of mental activity, while the latter governs the life of man. The shallow, surface thought that we give to the ordinary duties and small things of daily life is not the thought that reforms our character, develops our mind or changes our destiny. It is the positive, deep, and penetrating thought that comes from profound and strong conviction born of a higher perception and a clearer realization of the Truth. The surface idea is not the real thought. The inner convictions which control one’s aims, desires, and motives, constitute the real thought of the individual and wholly determine the course of his/her life and personal destiny.

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