Stay where God calls you until He speaks again…

You can reach almost anyone, anywhere, any time by pressing a button on your phone. So people want instant results all the time, and when they don’t get the results that they want, they get disillusioned and they bail. But that’s the world’s system, not God’s. Instead of trying to find results outside of ourselves, and trying to get quick fixes, we should be trying to fix ourselves—to fix our hearts. Only God can do that.  He has to change us to enable us to OCCUPY what we Envision.  See, people will say that they’ve been “called” to something, or that they’ve been praying for this opportunity. Sure, they say that on the front end. Then they get involved, and they find out it’s not easy, that it takes real work. We can try to bypass God’s system all we want, but we’ll never embrace our destiny.

Those who complete the blueprint for their personal destiny will find themselves woven into the fabric of God’s plans for the destiny of their Generation and Nations. The greatest mantles and anointing ever released on earth are about to come upon the people of God who merge their work and careers into the calling of God as Agents of Change of the New Covenant and Ambassadors of the kingdom.Don’t run back to where you came from. Stay where God calls you until He speaks again. (There were days in my life that I begged Him to speak to me.) Stick it out. Take the time to be trained, mentored, and sent out with wisdom. Submit to God’s system. Say yes whether you like it or not. Just say yes to God. He’ll make something of your life that is amazing!

If you want additional mentoring in this area, I encourage you to request your FREE 30 Minute Strategy coaching session with me.I share how God trains you to reach your destiny and teach you how to say yes to His plan. God will make something amazing of your life if you let Him!

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