Stages that Lead To Mastery

Are you teachable?

In the beginning, it is never easy to create, develop and Take ACTION on a new and specific way of thinking about your life or your business. For most people, struggling has become a habit that they are so accustomed to, they are not even aware of how much struggle they create in their own lives. If a life of prosperity and ease is what you seek, the key is to master the habit of ease. It sounds simple and in reality it is when you DETACH from the effort that STRUGGLE requires and allow ease to FLOW into your life. Emerson said; ‘We must persist in the task and one day it will become easier, not because the task itself has become easier, but because we have learned to master the task.’ This state is known as  Self Mastery.

In his classic book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said; In the beginning, an idea must be nurtured, cultivated and guided and, eventually, the idea will begin to guide you. He added; the moment you begin working with an idea foreign to the audience that now occupies your mind, a tremendous conflict erupts, brain cells are set in motion in a state of confusion. Each of these tiny cells contains an idea, a belief and now they are being invaded with a whole new energy. Your ideas will either guide you or cause tremendous conflict. It is unfortunate that so many of us give in to the old proven paradigms, surrendering to old conditioning.  In your early years, when this conditioning took place,  your mind was wide open to any and every impression.

There were no preconceived ideas, no cells of recognition to challenge the information going directly into your mind.  You accepted it as absolute from people who may not have known any more about living than you did. Now you have established your beliefs and when you question them with a new idea you probably feel very uncomfortable. The moment you think differently a new vibration begins to warn you against the dangers of taking action, which most often is a sign that you are on the right track. This is the second of FOUR  Stages to Mastery. Unfortunately most people have no idea of what is taking place and go back to where they were.  It is incredibly important that you have a firm grasp on this powerful concept. The buried pain that resurfaces when you begin to develop a new idea is never a reflection of you or your potential as a person. This reaction is only a reflection of your limiting beliefs.

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