Replace Limiting Beliefs

No matter how much we read or study, and practice personal growth we are not immune to limiting beliefs that come up every so often. As most, if not all, of you know, I am a Believer in Jesus; the reason I mention this is because many times when I speak on this topic a RELIGIOUS Christian will say, “John, this stuff does NOT apply to me; I have the Bible.” I will respectfully disagree with that statement. Our limiting beliefs are a result of our conditioned mind or the UNCONSCIOUS Guidance System moving us in the wrong direction.  Your subconscious falls in alignment with, ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he become.

Remember, anytime you feel any negative emotion you know you are out of the Flow and out of Alignment with what you truly desire in your life. God wants to give you the DESIRES of your Heart; however, when it is filled and infected by the ways of Worldly Thinking and beliefs, you will NOT manifest those desires. People often ask me how I handle this when it happens to me. My response is, the first thing I do is acknowledge that it is happening. I find that if I try to fight it or deny it, I give it more power. The key is to become aware of what is happening in and around you. Learning how to manage yourself or your state and subsequent behavior is fundamental to sustaining an empowered Mindset. This really falls under the domain of current research on emotional intelligence, which explains how successful people integrate their thoughts and feelings into effective strategies for managing themselves and others.

If you can get a handle on a few disciplines; you can accelerate. So I just say to myself, “I take 100% responsibility for whatever I am thinking, saying, feeling, or doing right now that might be reinforcing my frustration.” Then I say, “I am not going to allow myself to collapse into a dis-empowered state; but I am going to stir myself, press into and access the peace of God. The next step is, I always replace it with a better feeling thought. What most do is embrace the Thought and give power away to the enemy. I stay empowered by reaching for a thought that is found in Gods word.

For example, you have the belief or emotion that there is not “enough;” there is never enough, money, love, food, freedom, etc. (fill in the blank). The opposite of that is there is ALWAYS more than enough; if I am willing to accept it. This is what the word of God say; not what is happening right now. So the point here is that when this happens, you become aware of it external and internally; take responsibility and access the peace of God by reaching for a better feeling thought found in Philippians 4:8. That thought is the opposite or alternative to the negative-dis-empowered thought that was attacking your mind. When you choose that, you have regained control and the new belief creates a new emotion which attracts a new experience.This does require discipline and practice. It is more than possible. It works if you do!



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