God’s been teaching us that our mission as believers is to save nations, not just evangelize individuals and build churches. God is not terribly concerned with church size and church ministries. These are all sidelights to His main goal, which is for all nations to walk after Him in kingdom principles. The church fulfills its mandate when it changes society, not when it’s confined to its sanctuary and Sunday school classrooms. The church is to build the kingdom of God in a nation. The kingdom must overflow into streets and workplaces, governments and entertainment venues. That is its nature, to grow and take over. If you try to keep it to yourself,you lose it.It’s time to invade, occupy and influence this world for Christ. As part of the Remnant you have been authorized for spiritual conquest and occupation. You are unstoppable having received a kingdom that cannot be moved.The Remnant understands their spiritual authority.  It is the remnant that the Holy Spirit uses to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom. People who do not know me  say “You are different” Actually some that do say that! I used to attempt to fit in and I was so miserable.  My coach of over 22 years used a word with me a few years ago I had not heard at that point. He said YOU are a Remnant John” I said a What”??
Remnant… hmmmm, After a house is carpeted there are a few pieces of carpet left. These left over pieces are known as the remnants. No one knows what to do with them because they don’t fit anywhere. Some are discarded and others placed at doorways. Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit anywhere? The reason for that is because you really didn’t fit. You are probably part of the remnant. Remnant believers are different because they carry a different spirit.The Remnant plays a major role in the restoration of all things. To them belong many “go first” apostolic opportunities because they carry a dominion spirit. A dominion spirit is one that is ready to take over for Christ. The Remnant rejects a fatalistic world view that Christ will rescue the Church right before the world is overrun by demon powers. They understand their apostolic call to root out, tear down, destroy, to build and to plant.
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