The Power of “Alignment”

011686308_personal-development-960x960You know that feeling when that once beautiful and powerful vehicle is out of alignment and every bump you hit sends shock waves into you? In many ways people are like this. [highlight]When people believe they are flawed[/highlight], the natural reaction is to start searching, searching, searching for whatever is “missing”. . . Looking for answers, happiness and meaning “out there.”
This is my message to all my clients . . .
Nothing outside you can solve your problems.  If there was an external “fix” for life – there would be no sad, stressed out or depressed rich folks. Just check out the tabloids to see what I mean.  The good news is that you were born with all the resources you REQUIRE in order to be happy, wealthy, successful.
Maybe you’ve heard that before.  Or maybe not.  I know that can be hard to swallow when you feel in lack, or lonely, or depressed.  When you can’t pay your bills, or you hate your job.  Believe me I have been there.  However the breakthrough can happen in an instant.  It happens to people I  work with all the time.  There’s a flash of inspiration – and suddenly you are CLEAR, you’re taking action and things start to happen without effort.  You move from STRUGGLE———-FLOW And when your life changes overnight, it’s not because you suddenly “improved” yourself.  No, it’s an internal shift.  It happens when you “align” yourself.  It’s the moment when your conscious desires line up with your natural unconscious power to manifest – and any conflicts and counter-intentions you have instantly dissolve.  There’s a release of power that sends energy up and down and through your body and you KNOW something has shifted.  That’s “[highlight]the power of “alignment[/highlight]”.  If you’d like to experience your own moment of “self alignment” – then Take ACTION and contact me TODAY. . . Expect Excellence!
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