My Silent Partner

 I speak about the fact you can indeed CREATE the LIFE of your DREAMS. All failures in life are due to taking sides with the finite around us. All success in life is due to taking sides with the  Spirit of Excellence within us. It has become evident to me working with the Laws of the universe  may be considered the same as taking  God’s infinite power into our minds and lives as a silent partner. We are then conscious of the source and Creator of all power, and realize and receive the many benefits that surround us. Those who are searching and grasping any and every idea that comes along, in the hope that it will be a short- cut method to solve the challenges of life, those who condemn and blame every misunderstood person or thing for their failures and defeats, will never find a satisfying life that way. They will find only an existence, and at its best it will be variable and changing. Life with all its attributes of Excellence is  something that doesn’t just happen to touch a fortunate few. It is a something you must CREATE. It is a something you must Plan, Mentally Picture, Think about and then SPEAK about EVERYWHERE you Go.
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