Moving From Survival Mode…



I have noticed in  Many believers I have coached and mentored over the last 14 years they do not manifest in their lives the way God has planned for them. I believe a lot of this is due to a lack of  SPIRITUAL MATURITY.Spiritual maturity is marked by knowing how to handle problems and apply right principles from the Bible to every circumstance of life. We have three enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. They seek to hinder us from glorifying God. These enemies do not want us to apply truth to our lives. They desire to enslave us to the circumstances of life and prevent our spiritual growth. We overcome these enemies as we maintain our fellowship with God, through daily operating in His Power. There is a saying, “Hurting people, hurt people.” Likewise, lonely people or depressed people, especially leaders, seldom make wise and healthy choices while living in a state of “survival.” With the discipline of self-awareness, we begin living in God’s POWER we think as Christ thought. When we’re tested to go independently of God, we value what Christ valued (the Father’s will). When tempted to fear, we handle problems as Christ handled problems, with confidence and obedience.Spiritual maturity is an aspect of the believer’s sanctification called experiential sanctification, in which the believer becomes more set-apart unto God daily.

How do we reach spiritual maturity?

How do we accomplish the mission set before us in the plan of God?

How do we glorify God in every area of our lives and reap great blessings?

How do we break from our old way of thinking and how we do things to God’s way of thinking?

All of these are covered in the Coaching plan God impressed in my Heart. We are called to glorify our Savior.You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden…Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Farther who is in heaven (MAT 5:14a, MAT 5:16).

It should be the daily aim of every believer to advance to spiritual maturity whereby he begins to manifest Christ’s character in any and every circumstance of life. When those around us see that we respond to trials with confidence in God, and temptations with obedience, God is glorified. When God is glorified in every circumstance of our lives we reap fantastic blessing in time and eternity (1CO 2:9). Spiritual maturity is not something that happens instantly the moment we trust Christ as savior. Because of the world, the indwelling sin-nature, and the devil, it is a daily gradual process of development. It is daily depending on the provisions that God has made available. The two power options God has given believers to fulfill his plan is the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the  SPOKEN Word of God. When you properly implement these in your life… Expect Excellence!

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