Moving Beyond Ideas…

My objective as a Coach is to assist my clients to raise their level of consciousness/awareness. This then will result in transformation. Transformation is primarily experiential, not informational, God initiates transformation through real, everyday life experiences. Effective coaching flows out of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity, Each person is a uniquely designed individual whom God has entrusted with a stewardship over his or her own life. Authentic relationships are foundational to leadership growth and abundant living.We’re living in extraordinary times. Times filled with unprecedented levels of opportunity and challenge. I believe we are a spiritual being living inside a physical body.

With that belief, A True Spiritual Teaching must provide support for these times. It must be simple, practical and actionable now — not after decades or lifetimes of work. It must be available to all, without prerequisites, exclusivity, or secrets. It must embrace all of The Human Experience without ignoring, judging or suppressing anything. It must reveal Truth and, most importantly, move it from the realm of ideas, concepts and intellect into actual Seeing, Knowing and Experiencing. Knowing and Experiencing Truth is The Big Key … and what’s missing from most teachings, models and systems (old and new).

The Teachings were brought to my awareness through an unusual, and often excruciatingly painful journey that lasted several decades. My style as Teacher and Coach has always been, “Been there, done that … to a very deep level from personal experience … then pop up and share what I discovered and experienced.” As a result, The Teachings have changed, expanded, and transformed as my journey unfolded.The Teachings have been specifically designed to aggressively challenge the “status quo,” what you’ve believed to be True, and to expand your view of who you really are, what your life is really about, what you’re really capable of, what’s really possible for you, what your life is really about, what you’re really capable of. Therefore, don’t be surprised if various forms of mental and/or emotional resistance surface as you read.I love working with people who are READY to take the NEXT Step…

I specialize in Leadership Development, Prosperity Consciousness & Mindset Training. In the last 14 years I have personally Coached & Mentored over 1,000 clients, and worked with Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales people, Network Marketers, and people from all walks of life. Now more than ever people need direction, motivation & strategies to be on their best form. All the most successful people in the world from presidents, big CEO’s, actors & athletes having coaches & mentors who help to focus, sharpen & refine these people to continue growth & improvement & even greater impact. It works for them & it will work for you! Pass this on to someone you know who DESERVES to have me as Their Coach.

Remember you get what you Expect… Expect Excellence!
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