Maximizing Human Potential

I have made the DECISION to Give Honor to the Man who God sent into my life so many years ago. For the NEXT 40 days I will be writing about a Principle of Prosperity and abundance my coach (Larry) shared with me over the last 20 years. As many of you now know He is with the KING looking down on me from HEAVEN.

And so let us Begin..

In an early morning conversation many years ago my personal Mentor /Coach looked at me and  asked “John are you truly committed to be a leader for God? He then said leadership is an intentional approach to maximizing human potential. This definition of leadership not only appeals to me for its preciseness, but encapsulates a great deal of truth and method for those interested in becoming effective mentors for leading God’s way. Personal growth often requires choosing the path of increased conflict /distress. While conflict generally involves others, the real challenge lies in the way we interpret the inner,more fundamental tension, or conflict, we experience. The subtle and often not so subtle messages in our society about conflict are: It’s bad so avoid it apologize for it resolve it as soon as possible. Occasionally increased conflict is a necessary part of healthy change.  Our response to life’s challenges is a critical part of personal growth. Most of us miss the opportunity to grow from painful, often prolonged, “diversions” in our lives. In many cases these diversions can be wonderfully and fortuitous. However, in your  journey it is not necessary to wait for such events. Allowing God to Lead and DIRECT you will show you how you can harness the energy of the internal conflict resulting from the dissonance between current reality and vision. In these cases choosing conflict is often your best option.


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