Law of Compensation…

personal-development-300x300-grI discovered that 1% of our population earns approximately 96% of all the money that is being earned I said “WHY is that” I learned of a Universal law called The Law of Compensation. Money flows to ideas that solve problems, and ideas are limitless…. Money is earned because what you are getting is a result of the efforts you are putting out . If you want to have better results, you have to think of a new or better way to deliver that VALUE… You must BECOME the person of Value to receive anything of value.

The Law of Compensation  says the amount of money you earn will ALWAYS be in exact ratio to:

* The Need for what you do.

* Your Ability to do it

* The difficulty  there is in replacing you.

This Law  says we cannot simply go through the motions and expect to realize our desires and dreams. It doesn’t do any good to adopt a certain method without also having the right Mindset. We must never mistake motion for action. You must actually BECOME a person of value. You don’t imitate others’ outer actions. You have to be sincere with whatever it is that you are doing to achieve your money, your relationships, your health, or your success that you dream of. All that you are doing must be done passionately and whole-heartedly. You must have a firm conviction in your mind that this is what you most want to do, that it is what will work, and that it will be to the benefit of all concerned.If you aren’t getting the results that you desire in your own life, this is at least partly because you are not delivering the value into the world that you must. The Universal Laws do not allow you to get something for nothing. You can have all that you desire, but you must be willing to serve and invest the effort (and perhaps money) and do the work required in order to get it. The Universal Laws work to guide you in what to do, and they work to amplify and enhance the results of your efforts. If you work with the Laws, they virtually guarantee your success.

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