It’s Not Working?

Two plus weeks into 2015 already, Many people on December 31st 2014 made resolutions to make 2015 their best year. Unfortunately many are starting to see nothing happening with the ACTIONS they take.

Why is that?

I believe it has much to do with their unconscious beliefs. Until these are replaced NOTHING will change.There are numerous studies that show that no one is too old or too young to change their beliefs, concepts, values or pictures. Most of the suffering in life comes from trying to change outer circumstances before changing our inner beliefs. Actually, you can change anything about yourself quite quickly. All you have to do is give up the belief system that says that it takes a long time to change. Most of us treat our TV sets better than we treat ourselves. When our TV needs adjusting, we make the necessary adjustments so that we have a clearer picture. Most of us need periodic readjusting and reshaping.

Remember, you are the most important creative activity in your life, and no one can treat you better than you are willing to treat yourself. You can tell a person a hundred times that he needs to change his beliefs, but nothing will happen until that person tells himself the very same thing. This point is reached when the suffering becomes unbearable. Most people feel they lack the intelligence to find the right way for them to make the changes in life they seek, but this is merely misunderstanding. Intelligence has nothing to do with college degrees or reading books. True intelligence is a willingness to exchange a fallacy for a fact. We dislike admitting our lack of knowledge because we fear it would endanger our psychological security. But we fail to see that our reluctance to change does the very opposite. Instead of providing security it keeps us insecure. IQ is important, however EQ emotional intelligence has been proven to be the KEY in taking the NEXT step to a BIGGER and Better future.

My desire is to Awaken, Equip and Empower others to tap into the Excellence within them. I specialize in coaching and mentoring the principles of Prosperity and abundance. By teaching this rich mindset, it results in empowering others to live happy healthy and prosperous lives. What matters is not the idea a person holds, but the depth at which they hold it.If you are SERIOUS about taking your Life to the NEXT Level. Contact me TODAY. I will provide you with a FREE 30 minute Strategy session to help you Discover the necessary next Steps.

Becoming a Better You in 2015!
John Ramsey
Creative Leadership Strategist
Inspirational Speaker/Coach
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