In all the years of working with people there are some dominate principles in  those who do not rise to the top of their Chosen profession. People who are unable CREATE the HUNGER to Motivate themselves must be content with Mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. The mindset of a Champion is what we are born with. The thing is , eventually, we grow out of it. Or rather we get forced to abandon it via influences from society, misconceptions created by no other than ourselves, and lifestyle we lead. Being hungry for success, having the mindset of a champion,  being driven towards action and achievement, most if not all want their personal description to even slightly resemble this.  And while many think that being hungry for success is something you either are born with or without, the TRUTH of the matter is that we all possess it in our inherent nature. Coach used to say , success loves movement. Being lethargic and dormant only invites more lethargy, the end result of which is being further away from success. By the same understanding, constantly being active, making your lifestyle more dynamic and versatile translates into feeling alive, feeling hungry for more. Most of us, for the most part, go through periods of life when we like keeping things moving steady or retaining status quo. I believe in order to RETAIN the hunger you must break free from the status quo.You will get surprised how we change once we decide not to follow a model that screams mediocrity.We are taught to blend in with the crowd our whole life. Trying not to stand out is exactly what I advise you against. Let’s put it this way – you do the same things other people are doing, don’t expect some huge success. Observe your surroundings and see in how many aspects you can excel this will in turn invite and give birth to a huge hunger for success. Read more, learn more, exercise more, follow healthy habits to the letter, push yourself in every segment of life. Being hungry for success is what can give you a huge incentive towards succeeding in whatever you set your mind up to. The hunger for success can be artificially created, but make no mistake – once poked it will grow organically all by itself. You tip the top of the iceberg, and you create an avalanche that is ever growing.  I truly believe we serve a God of INCREASE, you my friend are a spiritual being and are designed for growth-being hungry for success is the only way you can live the way God intended you to live!

This article is dedicated to my late friend/Coach Larry

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