A Process of Learning…

Learning is a process of acquiring skills or knowledge. Generally, there are two types of learning models that you can follow. One is an Effective Learning Model that will lead you to hit your targets with fruitful results. The other one is an Ineffective Learning Model that will entrap you in a cycle of disappointment and frustration. David Hemery’s book, Sporting Excellence, where he studied the common factors separating the performance of high achievers from others, showed that natural talent is not enough: “The mind is considered to have the greatest part to play in improving performances in the future” and he concluded “Most of the achievers believed, to a large extent, that they controlled their own destiny…they were all very balanced individuals and also possessed a positive view on life.

In the 1950’s Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist and one of the founders of humanistic psychology, started to look at the fulfilment of human potential through self-awareness. Later on Daniel Goleman introduced the idea of emotional intelligence where the individuals social skills evolve from knowing and managing their personal emotions and motivations.This move towards personal development encompassed other disciplines and life coaching has drawn on this multi-disciplinary background developing over the years into a powerful tool for personal change and growth.

Coaching is now well recognized as a developmental tool for peak performers. I implement a Coaching strategy that utilizes the principles taught in the Bible from the Master Coach, along with some insights of Quantum Physics, I show anyone who is SEEKING TRUTH how Science and Theology when presented in the order they were intended to be result in a Journey to Excellence!

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