What Is YOUR Message?

At home, work, community, church, school, and more. Well-meaning people are ready to devote their lives to the idea of changing the lives of others. No problem until we realize that people must be willing and active on an individual basis to change. If I step to the stage as a speaker and believe in all my heart that my message WILL change lives, I’ll be horribly disappointed if everyone does not respond favorably. I have put all the pressure on myself to do something only the person can do for themselves.

However, if I approach the same audience with the knowledge that my message CAN change lives if they are willing, my expectations are different. I prepare and deliver to the best of my ability knowing that IF people will take the message and put in the work, they can change their lives for the better. It’s a world of difference. So if we cannot change someone’s life for them, what are we to do? My friends, there is one life you possess the power to change. Your own.

In fact, the single most powerful influence we have to help others change their lives is our own. What you’ve faced and overcome! The hardships you have looked in the face and beaten! The changes you needed to make and had the guts to make happen! These are the things that really bring impact to others. It’s called your message.

In Psalm 66:16, the psalmist says, “Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me.” It is through telling of our stories and living into the changes that have been made in our lives that others can receive inspiration and wisdom to handle their own.

If your heart’s desire is to inspire, empower, or otherwise help others toward positive life change, focus on your own. In the power we have to change our own lives rests the key to help others change theirs.

Become a Better You,

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