What is Hidden in You?

 I remember the day like it was yesterday;  a guy I worked with said You want to be a Coach?  What makes you think you can do that and be successful?  You have never done that before.  My life has changed so much from that day back in 2000.  Friends, Potential is hidden ability or what something or someone is capable of being or becoming.  The potential of a thing is always determined by the one who made it, not the thing itself.  Your potential is determined by God, not by your relatives, or some professional, or an I.Q. test.  Satan, has cleverly used this Babylonian system we live in here on earth to program us not to receive what Jesus died to provide.  He has programmed many to desire little things and leftovers rather than something big, lavish, and EXCELLENT.
Babylon-Happening-NowOnce I decided to obey God, He gave me a “seed.”  Remember, “. . . The seed is the word of God” (Luke 8:11).  The scripture (seed) was in Joshua one and verse three, “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you.”  Once I started meditating the light (revelation) came on.  I began to see my business spanning the globe.  My capacity to receive was immediately expanded, and the understanding came of how to do what He was asking me to do.  Remember, God does nothing without a seed, apart from faith and without love!  Since then I have expanded to coach and mentor people from all over the world.  That’s the manifestation of the Kingdom and what faith in God’s Word (seed) can produce. . . Expect Excellence!
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