Is God involved in your 2014 Goals ?

When God began to teach me about the Kingdom more than 20 years ago He used the traditional teachings and methods of Goal setting and achievement to reveal many principles. See, I used to set goals with no success. But one day the Lord spoke to me and said, “Why don’t you trust me for your goals this year?” He then told me to sow a financial seed toward receiving my goals and to believe that I receive when I pray, according to Mark 11:24. He said every seed you sow have a specific picture attached to it. Year after year from that point on, I began receiving what I had pictured and BELIEVED. A few years into the process I got LAZY and decided I had it figured out. Within a short period of time Things began to fall apart. It was around that time that Satan increased his attack on my mind. Two points I want to make very clear. Once you begin to RECEIVE and FLOW do NOT let up and THINK you have arrived! Also Make God a DAILY part of your Life not just on Sunday.I receive many calls and messages saying I like your message and what you have to say, however I cannot see how it will work in my business. My upline/mentor/coach says if I just continue to be persistent  and do what he/she says things will work out. I can relate believe me! I had reached a crossroads where I could keep acting like I believed I could do it, OR begin to put my FAITH and TRUST in the ONE who created me EVERYDAY. You can choose to just sit back and let the rest of the year pass you by, wishing that things would work out for you, or you can engage your faith and begin to speak to your situations with confident and urgent expectation. I have faced many circumstances where it seemed that I was a day late, a dollar short, or not qualified to handle the task at hand. But with God as my partner, all things are not only possible; I expect Excellence NOW in all things! The biggest mistake you can make is to allow your circumstances to dictate your future. You must engage life and confront your future.It’s not too late, no matter what direction you seem to be heading. Take the reins and begin to pull things back in line with the Word of God. It’s not over until it’s over—you can still come out on top. Don’t throw away your confidence! Hold steadfastly to what God has told you, and be diligent. Under no circumstances are you to quit, waiver, or settle for anything less than what God’s Word says. NEVER!
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