How Do You Express The Power?

As a spiritual being it is the natural order for us to strive to become more, do more and have more. However, for most of us this is apparently so very hard to do and this can be attributed to the quality of the thoughts that we have on a consistent basis or our predominant mental attitude. I often speak with people who say the often used, shall I say over used “Let Go and Let God” yet they are consumed with thoughts of worry, doubt & fear.There is a select group of people who are the real THINKERS. These individuals have always known there is a power which is on the inside of them. Everything you see around you is an expression of that power. and so is everything which you feel. There is ONLY ONE power, however when it is applied in the wrong way through our Thoughts and words can turn destructive.

For the EXTREME Religious person, may I suggest you look at Isaiah 45:7 in the King James Bible. “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” The power operates in a very precise orderly manner everything comes from one source, and that source power ( I choose to call God) always flows and works to and through the individual – that is You my friends.. Stated slightly differently, the image that you have formed can only come to you on the physical plane of life (your results) in one way, and that way is By Law and through FAITH. There can be no other way.

You have been made in the likeness and Image of the Creator, A PERFECT INSTRUMENT FOR SPIRIT TO EXPRESS ITSELF THROUGH. I suggest you see yourself as a perfectly endowed spiritual instrument without limitations. When you do, you will find it easy, in fact natural, to EXPECT the good that you DESIRE and you will also understand that DOUBT simply obstructs the unfoldment of prosperity in your life. (Again please look at Isaiah 45:7 if this statement confuses you.) Doubt worry and fear do not shut down the workings of this power.The power is always working perfectly. The doubt, worry and fear you hold becomes the picture which will turn into your physical results you obtain.

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